Aptitude test is the 1st level of filter for any and every company. That’s why, yes it’s your ATTITUDE that will take you to the stars but it’s your APTITUDE that will start the journey and lift you from the ground. The recruitment test is not similar to CAT curriculum, they are way beyond!

With so much variety at disposal aptitude tests can become very tricky but we have it all sorted with our team of ace trainers. Our tests, advanced level analytics and in-person training session this course is all that is needed to crack anything and everything that comes for placement.

Subject Covered
  1. Quantitative Ability
  2. Reasoning
  3. Pattern Recognition
  4. Verbal Ability
  5. Data Interpretation
  6. Data Sufficiency
  7. Iq/Eq
  8. Mind Games
  9. Puzzles & Caselets
  10. more...>>

  • Any and every company has Aptitude test as the 1st level of filter for all companies
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