Soft Skills


One needs to finish well, what one starts and SOFT SKILLS helps you do that. Craft a Resume which will be shortlisted everywhere, be audible in the GD and JAM sessions, express to impress in the Interviews, put up the right Body Language to seal the deal.

Get trained by a team of HRs, Resume champions, Career coaches, Behavioral experts. Remember it’s not about speaking in English, but it’s about making sense in what you speak in whichever language you speak. Our meticulously designed hands-on sessions and mock drills help you rehearse and train your mind well.

Subject Covered
  1. Resume Making
  2. Jam Sessions
  3. Group Discussion
  4. Mock Interview
  5. Technical Interview
  6. Hr Interview
  7. E-Mail Writing
  8. Ppt Making
  9. Profile Building
  10. more...>>

  • Jobs
  • Higher studies
  • Life!
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